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The Consortium Eureka established in Tunis in December 2020 deals with multilateral project initiatives aimed at cooperation between States, and funds allocated by the European Union in favor of Third Countries.

Last year the Eureka Consortium, after having established its governance, started a collaboration with the “DG Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid)” in Brussels and with the “European External Action Service” (EEAS).

Eureka – GIE (Groupement d’Intérêt Économique)

Legal Representative, CEO & Founder Prof. Giovanni Felice di Prisco
COO & Founder, Prof.ssa Alessandra Schettino

The EUREKA Consortium is formed by the grouping of the following companies:

Private secondary technical or vocational education company, approved by the Tunisian Ministry of Vocational Training, which delivers certifications based on recognized programs. Presence and distance education generally comprising a specialization by subject, which combines basic theoretical knowledge and practical qualifications focused on an existing job (Life Long Learning) or future.

Consulting company that operationally assists companies in analysis and sustainable strategic planning in order to identify the best form of management, financial planning, marketing, reconfiguration of change management bodies and processes, management of Corporate Responsibility and Risk Reduction.

Consulting company in advertising digitalization aimed at strengthening the visibility of the company through the optimization of WEB communication in order to define the best media mix to produce, preserve and disseminate the content results of statistical, scientific research and projects .

Company that offers infrastructure for hosting services for e-commerce, e-learning, platforms, portals, WEB sites and Applications, and which is dedicated to data processing and the preparation of specialized reports from data provided by the customer.

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The Consortium has already carried out numerous works in different countries and as many are in progress and completion.
These projects involve strategic sectors such as:

  • the environmental monitoring and governance system to support the enhancement and redevelopment of the territory;
  • the creation of power plants for the water cycle, waste treatment, water cleaning and power generation;
  • the construction of environmental monitoring stations with activation of probes, sensors, drones, etc.;
  • The construction of eco-sustainable hotel facilities, in accordance with the SDGs of Agenda 2030;
  • The renovation of historical and colonial works;
  • The activation of platforms for tourism promotion and online booking of hotel facilities that can receive micro-payments with online transactions and mobile apps;
  • activation of educational training courses – of various types – expressly dedicated to management operating in the tourism sector;
  • creation, improvement and implementation of Wi-Fi zones in the areas involved.

Since many years, Eureka has been also significantly investing in the field of scientific and educational training, which has become crucial for the development of third countries.
The aforementioned list will be further enriched in the short term by new areas of strategic interest and projects that, as mentioned above, will be funded entirely by the European Union with sums ranging from 25 to 250 million euros.

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The Eureka Consortium established in Tunis in December 2020 deals with multilateral project initiatives aimed at cooperation between States, and with funds allocated by the European Union to third countries..